The Mayors Silver Chain With The Coat Of Arms

The Oak tree, symbol of prosperity

Vest -Agders Fylkesvåpen Med UndertekstThe beautiful silver chain the mayor of Vest-Agder County wears on special occasions consists of a garland of oak leaves, 15 acorn cups and the county coat of arms on a separate plaque. The oak tree is the principal motif in the county's coat of arms. The hollow acorns are spread to the 15 municipalities in the county where they will promote growth and development through the combined efforts of the county and the municipalities. The mayor's chain was designed by goldsmith Lise Schønberg from Kristiansand.

The county coat of arms is a summeroak, designed in gold on a green background. The coat of arm was officially approved by a royal resolution December 12. 1958. It is designed by Hallvard Trætteberg.

av Jan Torkelsen, publisert 11. desember 2012 | Skriv ut siden