Core Values

Vest-Agder county municipality has established both a vision and three core values.

Core Values

Vest-Agder county municipality has established  three core values forming the basis of the county municipal functions. Through everyday activities, public communication, employees and politicians, partners and others, will practise as well as communicate three core values representing the county municipality:

 Democracy, competence and cooperation.

These core values and our vision form the basis of all activities throughout Vest-Agder county municipality.

Our three core values are important guidelines as well as important elements in strengthening the county municipality’s external and internal communication.

Democracy was chosen as a core value as the county municipality represents the democratically elected regional level.

Competence as a core value is linked to all county municipal commercial ventures based on politicians and employees applying their knowledge, both individually and together, to ensure all activity areas are of high quality. In addition one of our main activities is to provide (upper) secondary education of such high quality as to further the development of our region.

Cooperation as a core value expresses the county municipality’s emphasise on cooperation and partnerships. The cooperation is carried out in various ways within and outside the county municipality, as well as on national and international levels. Thus cooperation takes place in many areas. In order to achieve good results and substantial development, it is important that Vest-Agder county municipality strives to be vigorous and a good partner. Only through partnership can we hope to achieve our ambitious goals on behalf of the Region.



The county municipality presents itself with this vision:

- a driving force for progress and sustainable development

This is an expression on how Vest-Agder county municipality wishes to be recognized. The purpose is to achieve progress and sustainable development through political activities and everyday activities in all operational units.

This vision is reflected in the new Regional Development Plan Agder 2020 for Vest-Agder county municipality and Aust-Agder county municipality. The purpose of this plan is to fulfil ambitious aims by 2020.

The plan aims at improving five main areas in the region:

  1. Climate: high ambitions – low emissions
  2. The Good Life: for everyone
  3. Education: value creation based on everyone
  4. Communications: the sustainable choices
  5. Culture and the arts: experience for life





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